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• 1-way full range loudspeaker loaded with 1 x 4"
• Vertical directivity from 120 Hz upwards
• Good intelligibility and articulation even in reverberant rooms
• For nearfield and medium throw appli-cations
• Self resetable protection circuits forma-ximum safety
• 8 Ω system impedance


The DX4.1 is a 1-way full range passive column loudspeaker system for very good speech and music reproduction in diffcult conditions.The linear placement of the one mid/high transducers gives a 20 degree vertical pattern which is perfect for a good nearfeld to medium throw saturation even in reverberant rooms, no spillage onto ceilings and other surfaces that cause destructive reflections. The directivity starts already at 250 Hz. That's why the  DX4.1 is a perfect choice for speech and music in: house of worship, conference rooms, classrooms, historical rooms and modern (glass) architecture.
The optical integration of the DX4.1 can be made easily because of the neat, slim-line design and rounded acoustical foam. Established is the use of the DX4.1 in eminent paging systems for airports, railroad stations, shopping centre and industry.
The loudspeaker system is loaded with one full range transducers. Extra safety is given by the integrated cross-over with automatic resetable tweeter and woofer protection. The 4" transducers have amoistureproof coating.
For fixed installations and mobile applications there is a variety of mounting hardware available. The very good performance of the DX4.1    
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