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Since its inception DUS own R & D, production and distribution of audio systems. In the international market, the company to produce acoustic field of language and music sound reinforcement professional high-quality audio products. As technology advances, a comprehensive system integration, construction, quality and continuous improvement of service quality standards, DUS pursuit of integrity of the system, including design, product development, production, sound technical support and network services, and many other elements A new concept of DUS: DUS system concept. DUS speakers in the world market, leasing and project widely installed applications, such as multi-purpose hall, concert hall, theater, opera, and even from the smallest to the largest stadium in the conference room and other projects.

A company builds up its core competences through experience, practise and development. At DUS we recognise the importance of identifying, cultivating and exploiting our strengths. They are the glue that binds us together as a company as well as the engine of new business development. Our core competences are what make us strong and make us different. Although we have many areas of expertise, we have identified five, which we refer to as core competence areas:


Our goal is to create products that can reproduce the sound material as authentically as possible and in the way the artist intended it; being faithful to the original is our reference. At DUS we use development and test facilities unequalled in the industry and as members of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) we contribute to a large number of scientific papers within acoustics every year.

System integration

Makes technology disappear and is an area where DUS has been and still is the major pioneer in the industry. We have many ways of seeing integration. Firstly, the integration of several entertainment sources into one unit, and secondly the idea of linking different products to one another, although placed in different rooms, through our unique BeoLink system. We integrate products of the future with products of the past, as you can interconnect many old products with new. We even think of integration of DUS products with non-DUS products with the aim of making life easier for the user.


Design is a craft that is at the core of everything we do. We use design to tell a story about our ideas, our products and ourselves. Even though design is such an obvious competence area at DUS, we prefer to work with freelance designers, who maintain a broad creative horizon. As design is part of the concept development, the designer is involved in all the thinking.

Materials and finish

The “words” of the design language are found in mechanics - the materials, the surface, the finish and the shape, the look and the feel. The challenge is to give the designer as many different “words” as possible for him to express himself. The competence lies in our manufacturing skills, both internally and from partners. Internal focus is, amongst other areas, on aluminium, where DUS has established a leading role. Different plastics, glass, rubber, zinc, cloth, steel and wood are also part of the vocabulary from the authentic materials that we work with.


DUS products are designed to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also essentially functional and easy to use. The expectations raised by a strikingly individual appearance must be completely fulfilled in terms of high quality performance in all areas when the system is switched on. Therefore, our excellence in providing the consumer with the highest pleasure in both ownership and use rests on “high quality” as the common denominator of all activities and competence areas.













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