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<1> Efficient heat—sink.variable speed cooIingfan.ensures the ampIifier working atthe low ternperature.
<2> Large annuIa rtrans former,ensure the enough powe rsupply.
<3> Exquisite shape and standard in stallation hole.
<4> Perfect protection,including Iimit,the on/off shock protection,DC protection,output short circuit Protection.overheat protection.
<5> In—buiIt Iimiter,it is avery effective protection against eIect ricaI damage to the speaker
<6> ExceIIent audio siqnai Perfo rmance,which has excellent signal conve rsion featu has very Iittle ha rmonic disto rtion(THD),inte rmoduIation distortion(SMPTE—IM),transient inte rmoduIation disto rtion,Pure and natu ral
interstitiai deduction.
<7> STEREO.BRIDGE,PARALLEL wo rkincl mode.
<8> Each channeI has its SignaI and clip indicator.
<9> When the protection circuits work,FauIt indicato rliqhts.and sound output auto maticaIIy stop at the same time.
<10> The front panel Ievel aain control.

<1> Adopt the E.I.A international standard(2U)3.5"(88mm)professional amplifier chassis.
<2> Power supply design:
Each unit contains a set of logical power supply.Adjust the power output level voltage through the logic power supply real—time dynamic control circuit.And can real—time dynamically adapt to the signal and load requirements.which
can achieve the optimal power matching under the wide load conditions,and ensure the amplifier will not overheat.
<3> Signal voltage limit:
There is avoltage limiter in each input channel,by detecting the output signaI and controlling the input signal,to make the ampIifie routput will not in the clipping state for a long time,protect the horn will not be burned;and will
automatically control the input signals when the amplifie r is overheated,to make the amplifier reduce heating,and use more safe.
<4> Professional Speakon socket suit for the engineering and tou ring performance.
<5> To withstand the long—term bumps along the way.all the spare parts are through the special reinforcement.
<6> Adopt the Precision CNC lathes to stamp the integrated steel plate to make the structu re extremely strong and be able to withstand the maximum transien pressure without deformation
<7> Perfect protection function
Amplifier provides many diffe rent types of protection functions,including DC protection,inte rnal fault protection,input ove rload p rotection,RF interference filter,output short ci rcuit Protection,un—match load and high—
frequency overload Protection,ove rheat protection of heat—sink and trans former and power supply input over—current protection(over_current protection switch)
<8> XLR balanced input and output
<9> CooIIng systems
The cooling system is using the wind tunnel type.seaI ga s flow pass can st rengthen the cooling effect and avoid the fauIt which cau se by the PCBA pollution which caused by the stage dusty and smoke.Ensure when the unit is under the
no rmal work conditions.the tempe rature can reach balance within ace rtain range
<10> Perfect interface:
SignaI input:XLR input/signal pa rallel output
Horn output:Speakon p rofessionaI output socket.




Rated power/mode AL-1600


Roted Output Power 8ohm

Roted Output Power 4ohm

Roted Output Power 2ohm




(1kHz(HIA)with 0.5%THD)

Maximum bridged output Power 16ohm

Maximum bridged output Power 8ohm

Maximum bridged output Power 4ohm




Voitage gain 35dB
Slew Rate(at 1kHz,LPF bypassed) >10V/us
Input Sensitivity(at roted output power or voltage,1kHz) 0.775V/1.4V

THD(60Hz and 7kHz at 4:1 from full rated output to-30dB)




at 1kHz/at 20kHZ Crosstalk

Frequency Response



Input impedance(balanced) balanced 20kΩ,unbalanced 10kΩ

Damping Factor(8ohms)10Hz-400Hz

Signal to Noise ratio (A weighted)



Power Cord Specifications plug:10A,250V;  wire:3xl0mm2
Ventilation air convection mechanism from front to bock
Cooling the internal air strong rows cooling,fan cooling fast regulation temperature protection
Protection to prevent short circuit,idle,on/off noise rodio interference protection circuit
Slze(unit:mm) 482x227x88
Net weight 7.5kg
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